This webpage has links for downloading our music book "Apolytikia and Kontakia for the Entire Year" in Western notation. (For the same book in Byzantine notation, click here.) You can download the entire book all at once by clicking on the "Download Entire Apolytikia Book" link. However, because this file is so large (145 MB), your computer will probably encounter problems while trying to download it. There are two ways to remedy this:

  1. Click on the link for that large file only after you have installed a download manager program in your computer. One such program is available for free at:  Or:
  2. Download each part of the book separately. To do so, click on each of the 19 links below one at a time. After you have downloaded all 19 parts, you may print them out separately or combine them into a single PDF file.

Bear in mind that these files only contain the apolytikia for every day of the year and some kontakia. These files do not include the music for the idiomela and doxastica of every day of the year, which we have begun posting in our website. In the webpage for each month, we have highlighted in yellow the days for which idiomela and doxastica have already been composed. To access all that music, go to the webpage for each particular month (for example: September.htm) and click on the link beneath the chart that says: "To download all music for September click here." This will give you a file that has all the apolytikia and kontakia along with whatever idiomela and doxastica have been composed so far.

To see a preview of the first 100 pages of this book, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Download Entire Apolytikia Book in Western Notation (1525 pages, 145 MB)

Download Apolytikia Book in Separate Pieces:

1 - Introductory Pages (16 pages, 3.7 MB)
2 - September (102 pages, 21 MB)
3 - October (106 pages, 16 MB)
4 - November (116 pages, 20 MB)
5 - December (124 pages, 22 MB)
6 - January (130 pages, 22 MB)
7 - February (86 pages, 13 MB)
8 - March (84 pages, 13 MB)
9 - April (68 pages, 9.2 MB)
10 - May (86 pages, 13 MB)
11 - June (92 pages, 12 MB)
12 - July (134 pages, 18 MB)
13 - August (110 pages, 21 MB)
14 - Triodion (67 pages, 14 MB)
15 - Holy Week (15 pages, 2.7 MB)
16 - Pentecostarion (58 pages, 12 MB)
17 - Weekday Theotokia (70 pages, 6.2 MB)
18 - Additional Troparia (50 pages, 6.3 MB)
19 - Index (9 pages, 0.3 MB)