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To download all music for Vespers in Western notation, click here (734 pages, 60 Mb)*

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We have written the hymns of Vespers only in English, because they are already available in Greek from the Byzantine Music Publishing House in Western notation, and from the Holy Cross Bookstore in Byzantine notation. We have presented the hymns only in Elizabethan English because they have already been published in a Modern English translation in the Anastasimatarion by Fr. Seraphim Dedes. The translation used for the hymns of Vespers is copyrighted by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline and is used with their permission. We chose their translation because many people throughout the world hold their liturgical translations in high regard due to their precision, meter, and elegance.

* If the 60-megabyte file is too large for you to download, try installing beforehand a free download manager program such as this one.





Prologue by Gregorios Stathis

Concerning Adaptation

Concerning Notation

About the Translation

The History of
 Byzantine Chant

Writing Byzantine Music

Byzantine vs. Western Notation

Guidelines for
 Greek Pronunciation

Epilogue by
 Photios Kontoglou

The Intervals of the Soft  Chromatic Modal Genre

Common Embellishments

The Intonations of the 
 Eight Modes



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